Most of the things I build can be divided between two categories: "Sites" and "Tools." Sites are, as you might imagine, websites/web apps that comprise whole systems that convey information, sell products, etc., to the end-user. But I also love building tools, because are those small (or large!) utilities that make life easier. Tools are great because the reward for building them is often so visceral and instantaneous; I enjoy helping make others' lives better and easier.



A custom-built theme platform that powers PAAutism.org and ASDNext.org. It boasts a number of customized features, including using a single database to drive the content for both sites, a custom-built calendar, and a simple CRM tool integrated with the site user accounts.

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Penn State College of Medicine

Penn State College of Medicine's network of six sites uses a base theme I built (using visual hints from our main website, but completely designed and coded by me). Each is customizable, including splash pages that allow for significant tweaks to create a unique look per site while staying within the visual style. Theme features include an FAQ page type, automatic- and custom-crafted menus selectable on a page level, and the ability to include content (or partial content) from one item within another.

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Dynamic Family Narratives

A full-featured web app built on WordPress, this product essentially serves as a timeline builder for families. Events are sortable (on the font-end, in realtime) by different taxonomies and user-created collections. Permissions are baked into each event (for privacy), and it can handle a wide range of multimedia. I designed and coded the whole thing, though the idea and functionality was developed with the client.

Capway Automation

I took this over as a freelancer after an agency lost its developer. Rebuilt from the ground-up in three days, it includes WooCommerce integration and the signature (designer-driven) super menu for products.

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A single-page placeholder that was designed to help a startup get its business up and running. Designed and coded by me, allowing the client could make all the content updates using the standard WordPress backend.

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Amazing Grass

I was an integral part of the team at the Aardvark Brigade that built the Amazing Grass website using a combination of WordPress and Magento. Most of my work was on the ecommerce side, including styling a lot of the products, making sure the product quantity selector worked (and showed the right photo), and debugging/fixing the subscription module we purchased that flat-out didn't work.

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Twice a year at the Aardvark Brigade, it was all hands on deck for the new cabi clothing line launch. I helped on several launches, including writing the backend and frontend functionality for the "color picker" for items, the frontend logic and styling for the photo browser, the functionality for cabiTV, and several incarnations of things that change every time so I can't link to them.

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ISB Rollout

As part of the Aardvark Brigade team that built the rollout site for their new branding. We worked to get animated SVGs that transformed from one to another using keyboard navigation and click events. I helped refine the animations, got them cross-browser and mobile-compatible, and did a lot of the JS work on moving between "pages."

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When I needed to redo my personal website, I decided (for a number of reasons) that I wanted to try my hand at building own CMS. It was ... a lot of work. I no longer use it, having switched this site to Craft, but it was an amazing learning experience.

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Newsletters are taking over email inboxes everywhere. This is a small (free) utility that allow syou to reclaim your inbox and pick through your newsletters at your leisure with your favorite RSS reader.

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PubMed Cacher

A caching system for PubMed searches. PubMed claims to have an RSS function for searches, but it doesn't work like an actual RSS feed (it only returns updates since the feed was last checked). This stores the feeds properly and serves them up.

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A quick jQuery plugin I wrote for the middle ground of "I need to do some SVG work but don't want to have implement a whole library like RaphaelJS."

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A backend I whipped up for outputting Google Sheets data into a web-readable format. Each sheet gets a full HTML output as well as a JS widget that could (at the time) be dropped into our CMS and output on our websites and mobile apps.

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A user-submitted photo gallery management tool using the SmugMug API as the backend. This allowed for the submission of print-quality images but a web-quality display.

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Google Drive CMS

For building a high school football preview web site, I used a(n overly) complicated method of different Google Sheets and Docs to drive the content way back in 2014, allowing for easier content creation and editing.

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Live push experiments

We set up a technology display at the local county fair where people could answer questions on a form ("What do you love most about York County?", etc.) and see their answers displayed live on a presentation we set up on a television.

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