I'm a reasonable perfectionist.

That is to say, while I like things to be done properly, they also need to be done on time and within the budget (chronological and financial).

The developers are not always right. The designers are not always right. What's right is whatever user experience is best for the client and/or end-user. You don't necessarily measure that by pageviews or Likes or video views — you use whatever metric makes the most sense for the desired outcome. A bakery does not want the same thing out of a website that a newspaper does, and neither wants a jobs portal. They all have different aims, and each should have a plan that focuses on their business goals.

Professional experience

Since September 2020, I have overseen the web presence for One Simple Wish, a nonprofit focused on granting "wishes" for those who are in or aged out of foster care. After hotfixing various problems for a rickety platform during the busy holiday months, I've overseen a total platform rewrite using a modern (Laravel) stack, with crazy ideas like "Not putting the same functionality in five different places!" and "using actual tests!" I also help generate various program ideas and implementations.

From May 2016 to September 2020, I was one of two web specialists at the Penn State College of Medicine. I oversaw and built a design system consisting of a base theme and several variants for the college's various public websites, as well as a number of specialty sub-sites and specialized tools that utilize aspects of various services (Google Analytics, Google Sheets) to fulfill critical business functions. I also advised and helped develop digital strategy, as well as took point on researching and developing policies around accessibility and other regulations.

I have done a number of freelance and contract jobs under the aegis of Technical Penguins since 2009. As the Chief Technical Officer (/Penguin), I've tackled everything from small WordPress theme updates and hack fixes to designing, building and maintaining a multi-domain content behemoth complete with a custom CRM that ties in with the front-end accounts.

From mid-2014 to mid-2016, I worked for two different agencies. The Aardvark Brigade is a digital agency with multiple developers, where I helped build an ecommerce solution (and website frontend) on Magento; a multi-consultant lookbook and affiliate-style system (using WordPress) for a major online retailer; and a number of smaller projects ranging from a frontend for a fantasy football tracker to an animated SVG-powered introduction to a private school.

At Campbell, Harrington and Brear, I was the sole web developer, so I oversaw all projects from start to finish. We built most things on WordPress (for ease of editing by clients). By far the largest project was a webapp that allowed our client to compile a digital timeline for companies and large families, intermixing text, photos and videos, and restricted access to specific items by login.

From January 2011 up to the middle of 2014, I worked in various roles for Digital First Media, including Innovation Editor at York Daily Record and Presentation Editor at the Farmington Daily Times. At Farmington, I oversaw all digital and print design for the paper, and spearheaded a number of web projects that brought me to the attention of the paper in York. There, I won DFM's innovator of the year for projects including a (profitable) web guide to high school football, ebook production, iPad apps (using Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite) and numerous internal tools.


Outside of work (and freelance work), I love to read and play video games (I jumped on the Switch bandwagon way late; hit me up on Twitter for my friend code). I enjoy playing sports, specifically basketball and slowpitch softball.

In addition to the contracting business (Technical Penguins), I also co-founded a 501(c) nonprofit, Pengins For Everyone. Through PforE, we've sent hundreds of stuffed animals (mostly penguins) to children, elderly people, and those who told us they could use a friend.