On the road again

This time, I still have the boxes from last time. They've been sitting in my hall closet ever since I unpacked them about 18 months ago. Every time I go to grab the vacuum or add another box because I bought something else expensive/large (the latter occurs more often than the former), I saw them there. Most were folded up, but they were still obviously in good, working order. Waiting.

I didn't plan on using them again. I didn't move to New Mexico with the intention of then moving right back out again quick. I had planned on sticking around for awhile, getting the lay of the land (and other time-worn clich├ęs).

Plans change. I have received an offer for and accepted the position of Assistant News Editor at the York Daily Record in York, Pa. Apparently I love moving? I'm thrilled beyond belief with the opportunity, though I'll miss some of my current co-workers dearly.

I'm not sure exactly how introspective I'm prepared to be in this post; I think I may need more time/distance in order to gain the proper perspective on my time in Farmington, N.M. Regardless, though, I cannot tell you how enthused I am about this new opportunity.

Let's focus on that, shall we? For those who do not know, Digital First Media is the corporate parent that manages both the Journal Record Company and MediaNewsGroup, the latter of which is the company that owns both the Farmington and York papers.

The eponymous managing directive for everyone under the DFM umbrella is a focus on digital products, while not cutting the throat of the print product prematurely. (*cough* New Orleans Times-Picayune *cough*) This is what makes York so exciting, because they get it.

I came up with a metaphor I found apt (and so good I keep repeating): Most places where I looked, being someone who knows how to crawl around the interwebs means you're forced to pull everyone else in the right direction to get them going; In York, I'm not only going to be pushing from behind (because they've got such a good head-start), there are many areas where I'm going to be sprinting just to catch up. And I can't wait.