Dec 17

Hobbling along: Scaffolding as crutch

Just because AP says you should use the inverted pyramid doesn't mean you should use the inverted pyramid. Write for the reader, not some long-dead style maven.

Nov 26

'Doing' journalism

Don't confuse the technology used to create journalism with the product itself. Similarly, investments must be made in people as well as devices in order for organizations to survive and thrive.

Nov 23

Only as secure as you make it

Security depends on how much you can trust your users, not how well you can lock them down.

Jul 13

Automation is supposed to help, not hinder

You can't have sentience without self-doubt

Mar 28

HTML : Journalism :: Microsoft Word : Journalism

There's a big advantage in learning how to use all your tools properly, even if it doesn't seem like it

Oct 01

An annual autumnal anguish

Reflecting on a sad anniversary

Sep 17

Generation Y's unique relationship with technology, or why I can't have nice things

I break all my stuff, because paradoxically it's so important it's basically just the air we breathe

Aug 07

A real-life ghost story

Chasing the paranatural

Aug 06

The vagaries of getting old

Staring down the chronometer

Jun 29

On the road again

Moving day. Again.

Mar 02

Newsroom haiku

I have a lot of time on my hands

Feb 28

The downside of biking to work

In which a problem is formulated and solved, and I have to overhear it

Feb 24

The bonds that restrain us

Reflecting on a spaceflight

Jan 18

It's not really new and it's not Mexico

A Simpsons parody about yet another move

Dec 28

What’s Next?

Looking forward after a rough patch