Oct 10

Electioneering - Covering Election Day with data, maps and print

Automating some mapping of elections results - with a few unexpected problems.

Oct 03

FauxDB: Making it by faking it

Building out a way to present simple databases online (that can be used by the average reporter). Believe me, it's the latter part that presents the biggest challenge.

Sep 11

Live journalism: Pushing to York Fair

An idea to inject some live journalism into the YDR booth at the York Fair.

Aug 13

It's game time: Using Google Docs as a CMS

Building a responsively-designed high school football preview.

Aug 06

User-submitted photo galleries

We had about two weeks to build a system to collect user-submitted photos and display them in galleries. For no cost. We did it, but we might have cheated a bit.

Jun 20

Your website is not your newspaper

It's OK if your 1A story is not the most important story on your website, because they're different products. Internet history shows us that trying to be everything tends to leave you with nothing.

May 05

Og make fire? Fire HOT! Choosing your tools for digital journalism

Journalists tend to rely on a lot of externally-produced tools. Taking the time to judiciously select the ones that get used is well worth it.

Apr 18


A short tale about learning and judging

Apr 15

Dynamically loading & tracking videos with VideoJS/Google Analytics

Using free tools for our responsive design documentary project.

Apr 14

The NSA is not lying

Everyone thinks the NSA is always lying. It's not. Journalists just aren't listening right or asking the proper questions.

Mar 27

Computers will not replace reporters, except when they will

Yes, computers can do the job of some reporters faster than the reporters. That's OK. The reporters can do other things better. They should concentrate on those things.

Mar 11

Using robots to improve photo upload workflow

Don't be afraid to let computers do things that computers are good at. That's literally the point of having computers. Use them to free up time to do things that humans are good at.

Mar 07

Easy interactivity

Finding a middle ground between boring articles and huge work-intensive interactives

Jan 27

Know your audience, know yourself

It's quite simple: If you don't give people a reason to visit your site, they won't. So know who your (valuable) readers are and what they want.

Dec 27

Newspaper as platform

Different platforms require different content. If you wouldn't write a novel on Twitter, why are you assuming your newspaper stories and your online stories should be exactly the same?