Sep 17

Fixing gray stars in Apple Music (OS X)

Do you have some track ratings that are driving you crazy because you can't unset them? I have a script for that.

Apr 26

Laravel testing errors: Directory not found

How to fix a missing directory issue when testing a Laravel project (hint: create the missing directory)

Aug 29

On my own: Building LinkCMS

I set out to build my own CMS in an attempt to circumvent some of the problems I'd had with others in the past. I wound up inventing a whole new set of problems! What a neat idea.

Aug 29

Bidding WordPress adieu

A farewell to a CMS that taught me how to program, and eventually how to know when it's time to move on.

Jul 01

Newslurp: Reading GMail newsletters in an RSS feed

I read a lot of newsletters. I hate reading newsletters in email apps - I would much prefer they act like web pages. When I couldn't find a (free) way to do it, I made it myself.

Jan 19

Empathy and Accessibility on the Web (WP Campus)

Web accessibility should mean that people can use the Web. That means everyone. Accessibility is not an enhancement, it's essential.

Oct 16

When (and when not) to use the WP-API

The WordPress API is the future, and this post will help you get back to it. Wait ...

Jul 31

Retweets = Endorsements: Curation in the attention economy

Regardless of why you do it, if you fan the flames of a fire you're responsible for it getting bigger.

Jul 13

The Internet is eating the world: Pokemon Go and digital’s disrespect for the physical world

Tech (and, by virtue thereof, software) will continue to eat the entire world. Maybe we should try not doing that?

Jun 09

OJ, Missoula, and a newfound distaste for the adversarial legal system

Two books with in-depth looks at the American legal system left me feeling like we have fundamentally screwed up in how we reward lawyers and prosecutors.

Mar 17

On encryption, Apple and all this nonsense

The government's position is that our collective security can only be protected by ensuring we individually have no security.

Nov 30

Separating creator and creation

Bad people do good things. Good people do bad things. Who they are can influence how we view events/actions, but the actions exist, regardless.

Oct 13

Talking to computers

Wherein we enter the Kafka-like labyrinth of computers that can't be countermanded by humans.

Sep 22

A Mini-Sociology of Rocket Cars

I'm not saying teenage culture is bad. I'm not saying videogame culture is bad. I'm saying there are some teenagers (and probably 20somethings) playing videogames who are very maladjusted socially.

Oct 22

SVGLite - jQuery plugin for manipulating SVG fills, strokes and sizing

A jQuery plugin for manipulating SVG fills, strokes and sizes. With 100% less "convert your image to a JSON object" than RaphaelJS!