The Tubes

The internet is a funny old thing isn't it? I originally used to live about 40 miles north of Seattle until I went away to college, and now I live in Pullman on the Washington/Idaho border. My parents moved to Arizona last year, but spend the summers in a campground somewhat near where we used to live. My mother's brother's wife lived about 15 miles away from us my entire life, and still resides in the town next to mine. My brother lives in that same town now.

My parents don't get cell phone reception at the campground where they stay because it's too far in the mountains. My mom got a MySpace account but I haven't added her yet (though she's tried several times in the last few months) because that's kind of weird. Some of my cousins (both those who live in Seattle and a few from the midwest) have added me, as have my brother. It's actually my primary source of communication from my brother, though not 'cuz we hate each other or anything. We just both hate the phone).

Today I logged on to MySpace and there's a bulletin from my cousin that reads simply "Mom." I thought, "hey, I know her mom" so I clicked on the link. The bulletin said that my aunt was in critical condition and asked people to pray for her.

Oh. Well that's not what I expected.

I called my parents' and my brother's cell phone (no answer, no calls back) and haven't heard anything. I messaged my brother on MySpace and haven't heard anything back. I checked my cousin's blog section and it says that she had a brain aneurysm. Now, I'm no doctor but I'm a fairly sharp fella and I watch a lot of hospital shows. Brain aneurysms aren't fun, and from my limited knowledge lean towards being fatal. At the very least, she will probably have limited function (either intellectually or physically). Not exactly fun times.

And yet I wouldn't know any of this were it not for the ubiquitous nature of the internet and MySpace in particular. My cousin thought to post it there, and that's the only reason I know about it. No one's called me to tell me about it, and no one's called me back, despite the fact that everyone in my family has a cell phone and a missed call from me.

Life's a funny old thing sometimes.